Frequently Asked Questions


Does my child have to live in Elmhurst or go to Elmhurst public schools to participate?

No. CTA and Junior CTA is open to all boys and girls within the age range regardless of their school or hometown.

Does my child need to have prior running experience in order to participate in this camp?

There will be runners of all abilities, including ones that will match your child's. Workouts will be given based on grade level and ability, and there is always a range of mileage and/or time, so your child will have the ideal workout regardless of their prior experience and running abilities.

Is attendance mandatory?

No. Since it is summer time, it is understood that campers might miss some days or even a week or two due to family vacations or other commitments. However, due to fixed costs on our part, we are unable to prorate the cost of camp. 

If your child is also enrolled in summer school or another day camp, they will be allowed to leave early.

Where will my child be running? Could he/she get lost? Will help be available to them while they are running if they need it?

Participants will run east on Wild Meadows Trace towards Poplar and back west on the Prairie Path towards York Road. This is a one mile loop. Counselors will also run the workouts, and while they might not be running with your child, a counselor will not be too far ahead or behind should your child need help.

How will I be notified if camp is cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions?

Cancellation of camp will be announced on the website, Twitter, via email, and a "Remind" text message 30 minutes prior to the start of camp. (More information about the Remind messages will be sent in an email after registration.) A decision will be made with safety as the number one priority. If we misjudge the situation and bad weather occurs during camp, we will take shelter at Olympia Chiropractic. Parents should try to pick up their child as soon as possible. Unfortunately, camp days that are rained out cannot be made up due to permits and scheduling.

Where should I drop off and pick up my child?

You can drop your child off on South Street or in the city lot just north of Vallette and east of York Road. The Farmers market meets in that lot on Wednesdays, so please plan accordingly. If your child will be walking or riding their bike to camp and need to cross York Road, they must do so at the traffic light at Vallette and York Road. 

Is there a washroom or access to water?

Participants will have access to a porta-potty, but we request that this only be used in an emergency. There is a drinking fountain on site, however all campers should come with a water bottle.

What is your policy if my child develops a running injury while at camp?

CTA has a trainer on site to assess injuries and make a preliminary diagnosis. The trainer will log all injuries and will notify parents/guardians.

My child has allergies / asthma / a special medical condition. How will their needs be met?

When registering your child, make sure to note that they have a special medical condition and we will send you an email to discuss how their needs will be met.

What is the cancellation policy?

If your child is unable to attend camp after you sign them up, you may cancel the registration. However, there will be a $20 processing fee.

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